‘I didn’t know what sort of garage door to buy but West Seattle Garage Door Repair sales agents aided me every step of the way.’ – Sean W

‘I was scared of going outside my budget with buying a new garage door spring it being my first time and all. The agents who came to fix my garage door explained all the prices to me and helped me choose the best springs for my doors – all were within budget.’ – Tom J

‘My father considered himself a handy man, and built a tool shed behind our house. I guess I took after him and always felt like I could fix everything and anything. However after almost getting killed attempting to DIY and fix a broken garage door spring I realized perhaps I could let one thing slide and get a professional to come in and help me. I called the engineers over at West Seattle Garage Door Repair who came over and assessed what I had ‘done’. They surveyed the site and then explained to me what they were going to do. Thankfully they managed to fix the mess I had made of the garage door. I am forever indebted to them for managing to salvage the door because I would have had to break into my savings to buy a replacement door.’ – Kelvin M

‘Job well done West Seattle Garage Door Repair, I really was impressed by your work ethic, keep it up.’ Alfred Drew

‘The two engineers who came over from West Seattle Garage Door Repair have to be the most courteous and polite service people I have ever come across. They are not like your everyday service people, these guys give off a good vibe and you just can’t help but admire the passion they have for the work they do. You can see it in the way they work. I would be happy to have them work on my garage door again in the future.’ – Gus K

‘What more could I have asked of them? Nothing – They did a splendid job.’ – Mark Meadows

‘If you are like me and don’t know the first thing about fixing garage doors and you need someone with experience to hold you by the hand then I suggest you work with West Seattle Garage Door Repair. They are the best in my opinion.’ – Sally Jenkins

‘During winter our old garage door used to let in cold air. Not anymore with our new door. Thanks a lot West Seattle Garage Door Repair.’ –Maria Dos Santos

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‘Saying thank you is not enough that is why I decided to put it into writing so others can know of the great work you are doing down there at West Seattle Garage Door Repair. – Diana Brewer